Now presenting: the DIY guide to digital success.


In The Brandprint: The e.a.s.y. guide to branding in the digital age, digital branding guru Erica Lauren Ortiz takes you through her signature process for building brand capital­ and creating brands that translate, influence, and create profit.


Her e.a.s.y. method covers:

Empowerment Through Digital Resources
Achieving digital democracy through finding the right tools for you, not only the ones everyone says you need

Assessing Your Brand
A holistic approach to brand strategy that is easy to follow and works across all industries

Social Media, The Social Way
Developing audiences and participating in the conversation, even if it doesn’t always go your way Your Marketplace and Home Base
How to develop a website or digital platform that serves as the premier place for others to interact with your brand

This book focuses on ways to reach your audience that utilize easy-to-access resources, which don’t empty your pockets or waste your time. The EASY method demystifies branding and makes it simpler for you to make both dollars and sense.